Thursday, March 14, 2013

iPad sketches

I recently purchased an iPad for use primarily as a mobile sketchbook, especially useful for doing color studies on-the-go. While I don't have a good stylus yet, I have been busily filling the train rides home from work with little sketches done in Procreate. Here was the very first one I finished.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Super Girl and the New Year

I decided to change this blog title for the upcoming year. Since I am no longer trying to do a drawing a day, it doesn't really make sense to keep that as the title. Instead I will just use this as an area to post less-finished work, and keep my main blog more as a place for more-finished pieces that might go in my portfolio, for instance.

Even though it is not 2013 yet, I needed to try out my new drawing tablet (Graphire 3...yes I'm behind the times) with a new sketch! This one is dedicated to my friend Ray Wu.